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Graficon BSM 340/450/550 – Sheeting machine

The sheeting machine is used to cut single labels or sheets from reels. A printed or a non-printed substrate from reels can be cut into sheets lengthwise and/or cross-wise. The sheeting machine can be delivered as an «off-line» or an «in-line» version. The «off-line» version is equipped with an unwind unit and works therefore as an independent machine. The «in-line» version can be placed at an outfeed section of a printing press and/or a die-cutting machine. With this version, the substrate is transported over a con-trolled loop into the free standing shee-ting machine.

Unwind unit

The substrate is guided by an infeed unit from the unwinding axle into a controlled loop.

Sheeting machine

The roller feed and the pneumatically controlled nip-drive guarantee the tangential feed. The contactless sensor controls electronically the servo motor, which drives the feed roller. Length-cutting is done by pneumatically operated crush-knives. Cross-cutting is done by upper and lower knives. The cutted sheets fall on a conveyor belt of approx. 1,5 meters. The number of sheets per pile can be preselected. After having reached the number of sheets the web advances time controlled.


• Very fast and accurate format-change by simple keyboard-touch panel
• Format length infinitely variable
• High production-output
• Silent, continuous web transport
• Select format size via keyboard or scanner
• Simple change of knive