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PUMA the new digital labelprinting machine from Graficon

Graficon Maschinenbau AG, Switzerland, has developed a digital printing machine for labels
and packaging products based on the popular T200 model. The PUMA is a digital machine
for in-line printing, diecutting and, if required, finishing multi-coloured labels to a high standard
and allows to produce small or medium rolls of labels in one pass, ready to be shipped.
In addition, existing T180/200 printing-machines can be converted into a PUMA iT with the
new digital print unit. An existing T 180/200 can therefore be reconfigurated with latest
technology to meet new requirements in the market.
Graficon‘s digital solution is based on DOD/UV technology (UV inkjet) and is supplied with
four colours (CMYK) and with white as an extra colour option.

With the PUMA and PUMA iT you can produce small runs in the high quality you have come
to expect – economically, quickly, in-line and in one process. The PUMA is, and the PUMA iT
remains modular and if you wish, you can still combine the machine with flat screen printing,
UV letterpress printing, hot foil stamping, embossing, varnish, laminating and insetting

Graficon developed the digital printing machine in cooperation with a Swiss company. The
new PUMA is therefore a high-quality Swiss product. Graficon will introduce it to visitors at
the Label Expo Brussels (24 to 27 September 2013), hall 11, booth 11R16.