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Gallus R 200

Completely rebuilt label-printing and die-cutting machine

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Graficon T200

Label-printing press based on proven and successful technology

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Graficon RPS 220

Printing and processing machine for self-adhesive substrates, carton, paper, film and more. The up-to-date concept of this machine, with servo-drive technology, allows for high registration accuracy in printing, insetting and processing.

Booklet section to Gallus R 160/R 200

The booklet section from Grafi con can be integrated in a label-printing machine type Gallus R 160 or R 200. All units are mounted on an intermediate frame of 2200 mm length and are completely wired. The frame will be installed between the print section and the fl atbed die-cutting unit, respectively the processing section.

Varnish unit to Gallus T180/T200

The varnish unit can be integrated in the T180 / T200 between the web transport unit and the rewinder. It has its own drive-system, using a servo-motor. Two NIP-Roller systems are incorporated, to guarantee a constant and accurate web-tension.

Electronic feed unit to Gallus T180/T200

The electronic feed unit will be mounted in place of the present gripper feed. It is especially suitable for the register transport of unstable materials like PE-, PP-, Polyester-, PVC-foils etc.

Laminating unit 220 mm T180

The laminating unit is used to apply a self adhesive material to a printed web in a T 180 B/S. The unwind unit is equipped with a pneumatic brake. A horizontal dancer controls and regulates the uneven tension between the unwind, web movement and rewinding of the silicon paper. The silicon rewind unit is driven by an electric motor.