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Download here detailed data sheets
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Data Sheets

Graficon Brochure: Graficon-Brochure-EN.pdf

Data Sheets

Booklet section to Gallus R 160/R 200: R160_200_e.pdf
BSM 550: BSM_550_e.pdf
Screenprinting: Screenprinting unit, Stencil welding unit, Format cutting unit, Stencil mounting unit, Hole punching unit, Screen Cleaner: Screenprinting.pdf


BSM550: watch video
UT250: watch video

Data Sheets

Services: services.pdf

Flexo- and  Offset printing
Data Sheets

Bobst Firenze Catalogue: bobst-firenze-catalogue.pdf
Bobst MX Line: Bobst_MX_Line.pdf
Bobst M1 Line: Bobst_M1_Line.pdf
Bobst M3 Line: Bobst_M3_Line.pdf
Bobst M4 Line: Bobst_M4_Line.pdf
Bobst M5 Line: Bobst_M5_Line.pdf
Bobst M6 Line: Bobst_M6_Line.pdf

REVO Technology: revo-technologie.pptx


Bobst M4 Line: watch video
Bobst M6 Line: watch video
BOBST Digital Flexo: watch video
BOBST @ drupa 2016: watch video

Finishing and Accessories
Data Sheets

Grafotronic_SR2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_SR2.pdf
Grafotronic_HI2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_Hi2.pdf
Grafotronic_DCL2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_DCL2.pdf
Grafotronic_DC2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_DC2.pdf
Grafotronic_CF2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_CF2.pdf
Grafotronic_PHARMA2 Data sheet: Grafotronic_PHARMA2.pdf


Grafotronic company movie: watch video

Grafotronic SR²: watch video
Grafotronic HI²: watch video
Grafotronic HI² Combi: watch video
Grafotronic SCF: watch video
Grafotronic DCL²: watch video
Grafotronic DC²: watch video
Grafotronic CF²: watch video
Grafotronic Pharma²: watch video
Grafotronic Q-Load: watch video

Other machines
Data Sheets

Gallus R200: R200_e.pdf
Graficon T200: T200_e.pdf
Graficon RPS220: RPS220_e.pdf
Graficon T200/RT350: T200_T350_e.pdf
Booklet section to Gallus R 160/R 200: R160_200_e.pdf
Varnishing-unit: Varnishing-unit.pdf
Electronic-feed-unit: Electronic-feed-unit.pdf
Laminating-unit: Laminating-unit.pdf


Graficon RPS220: watch video
Graficon RT350: watch video
Sermar Machine – Easy Fold: watch video
Sermar Machine – Easy 2 Cut: watch video
WLE-FA2000-HS: watch video