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PUMA. digital printing systems

With the PUMA you can digitally print and in-line embellish, diecut and fi nish a label, effi cient, in top-quality and all in one pass, onto small reels, ready to be packed. The PUMA digital-solution is based on DOD/UV-technology (UV-inkjet) and is available as a 4-color module (CMYK) with the options «white» und «varnish».

Due to the modular design of the machine it is possible to extend the digital-printing machine anytime and to integrate well proven embellishing technologies with very low tooling costs and easy setting-up, such as: Hotfoilstamping (flat)/Embossing/Screenprinting(flat)/UV or Jet/Varnishing/Lamination

Specifications PUMA R basic machine

Mechanical design:
Prepared for mounting of 6 print head, including pinning

Substrate table:
for guiding the web of material below the print heads

unit consisting of ink-collector, ink recirculation and automatic wiper

Intermediate drying:
• air-cooled
• power approx. 3 watts/cm2
• adjustable via machine control

Final drying:
• water-cooled
• power approx. 20 watts/cm2
• adjustable via machine control

Ink supply system:
• Ink tank with integrated pump, level control and filter unit
• intermediate tank with level control, integrated into the print head

System control:
• PLC/motion controller for controlling the linear units, drying units, maintenance unit, ink supply system
• Sensor for synchronization of webspeed and print speed
• PC with touch screen for machine operation
• Software for machine control and processing image data
• Color Management and RIP software included as standard

Technical data:

Digital printer unit: mprint with 4-colour print CMYK / Option: white + varnish
Width of reel: 220 mm
Print width: 216 mm
Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (physical)
Droplet size: 3 / 7 / 11 / 14 pl.
Print heads: Kyocera
Print materials: Paper, PP, PE, PVC, metallic paper/foil

PUMA options:

Cold foiling

Laminating unit

Varnish unit

Semi Rotary die-cutting


The digital printer can be integrated in a Graficon T200 or Gallus T180 / T200 label printing machine as well as in a RPS220, Gallus R160 or R200 rotary machine.

The PUMA iT / iR is a low-cost, entry-level digital print solution. It lets you enjoy the tried-and-tested technology of your existing machinery and the advantages of digital print. You can continue using your existing tools. This combination enables you to print, finish and process labels all inline.

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